Exporter Services

We offer our professional services to new, starting-up or current exporters of small and medium-sized companies who want to expand their export activity. Because of this, our customers do not have in-house international trade professionals to solve their varied problems.

We make the transition into exporting easier:

  1. - avoiding the common mistakes of first time exporters
  2. - achieving export sales more efficiently than going on your own
  3. - assuming less risk, less uncertainty and less cost by working with us.

We enable your Company to outsource to an Export Manager the assistance in entering the target markets. The GO Export Manager is responsible for:

  1. - receiving the orders of current customers
  2. - designing and executing the international strategy
  3. - presenting your products to our contacts of importers
  4. - arranging and attending to international trade fairs and foreign missions worldwide
  5. - following- up of the contacts established
  6. - negotiating of contracts
  7. - managing the offers and orders received
  8. - keeping the customers’ relationship
  9. - identifying new business opportunities
  10. - managing export subventions and other grants
  11. - etc...


Though periodic meetings with Company’s Management, we keep you informed about the progress of the export project, we exchange opinions and add your suggestions and ideas to achieve your aims.

In the long term, our goal is the outsourcing of the Export Department.