About Us

GO is a full-service Company specialized in assisting small and medium-sized companies to enter foreign markets with food and beverages from Spain.

Our mission is to export selected food and beverages from Spain to the rest of the world.

Eventually every company needs to consider outside markets. Thus, we offer a comprehensive range of export services:

  1. - to those Spanish manufacturers who want to expand their export activity, we make transition into exporting easier and less costly
  2. - to those importers who are looking for reliable suppliers of a selected product from Spain, we search for the ideal partners for your business who are ready to work in an international environment, by giving our assistance since the very beginning.


Adapt Spanish selected food and beverages to the international markets in order to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Our Team

The extensive experience in international trade of our highly motivated team ensures that we will help your business to enter foreign markets and exceed all expectations.

Let us guide you to the outside markets towards the success of your Company.